Winter Hay 101: How Much to Feed Your Horse (And Why)

Feeding your horse hay in the winter discover how much is enough and why

Wondering how to feed your horse in the winter?

Another summer has come and gone in the blink of an eye. As winter approaches, we shift gears a little in our daily routines to make the cooler days a bit more tolerable. Can I get a “yay” for headbands, fuzzy socks, and pumpkin spice lattes? 

But what about winterizing our horses?

If you are anything like me, few things cause me as much stress and uncertainty as trying to keep my horse happy and healthy year-round. This is especially true when it comes to decoding nutritional needs for my specific horses. 

In my early years of horse ownership, I did a LOT of research on allllll the things I needed to do before the temperatures dropped. If there’s ONE thing I wish I would have realized made the greatest impact…it’d be hay!

Why Hay Matters (A Lot)

Hay may not seem like a big deal, but it’s one of the biggest ways you can contribute to the health of your horse year-round, support overall wellness, and keep them at an optimal weight.

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