The Tool Box

The Tool BOX


On my “About Me” page I told you about the kind of person that I am, and what I became to be in a short version. I also promised that I will be sharing tips about the equine world from all sources and angles and will be telling you about my journey in the background or along the way.

before I am going to tell you a little more about my background, where I been, places I worked and where I got my knowledge myself, It is especially important for me to say this to you;  I never stop learning and I do not think there is someone that know it all. I find out that many things I knew long ago, especially when it comes to the veterinarian aspect of horses, progressing and changing with the years all the time. In fact, this will be my first tip I would like to share with you today. Never hesitate to add more tools to your toolbox, and when I say toolbox, I mainly mean the virtual one, the one you get all your knowledge, tips, and tricks when you work your horse or anything else for that matter. You see, you never know when you might need to try something different because what you been doing does not work. Horses, like humans, are all different. The more articles you read, the more trainers you talk to, or get their DVD’s or books, the more clinics you attend, or even hear the same thing explained in different way, the more tools you have to work with and fix that problem.

The reason I want to share this basic tip is that you understand that keeping an open mind will take you farther when trying to reach your goals. I trained many horses up until now, I taught and coached many people how to ride, and how to train their own horses. I find the learning and searching for the right tools for that horse and rider I am working with very rewording.  I think that my students got along the way more out of the different things I tried with them, then me just telling them what to do. Farther more, some things may work on a horse with one rider, and not with another.

So, for now, keep an open mind, leave your toolbox open, and learn to enjoy the journey not just the destination.