Side Hustle: Equine Photographer

equine photography, equine photographerMany people nowadays have more than one job. Having a side hustle is a lucrative way to earn more money which can be used to pad savings, pay off debt, or help fund your horse habit πŸ™‚ There are many people that make a good living doing photography. This can be anything from family photos to senior portraits, events, birthdays, pets, horses, and horse competitions.

You will need a few things to get your side hustle going, and practicing is KEY when it comes to photography. Horses are beautiful creatures and create some of the BEST photographs. Ready to get started in equine photography?

As an equine photographer there are a few things you will need to get your side hustle/business going. They are:

  • Gear – camera, lenses, cases
  • Software – good editing software is a must!
  • Patience – you will take LOTS of photos in the beginning! 
  • Experience – learn timing and lighting and get to know how your camera functions

Horses tend to move about and flick their ears. At first, be prepared to take a LOT of photos as you learn timing. A half of a second could change the entire photo! Lighting is also key – practice photos in morning or evening light, overhead light, etc so you can see how they all turn out.

equine photograher, equine photography
Photo Credit: Norfleet Marketing and Photography

Many equine photographers cover horse shows or competitions. Visit the photographer there and ask for any tips or how they shoot under a covered arena or in a barn. Try your own photos in both scenarios with your own horse or a friend!

Good editing photo software is an absolute must for equine photography. Learn how to enhance colors and shading, and different types of photos styles like the all-black background, etc. Editing enhances your work and creates images that people want to purchase.

Learning how to edit photos is very important. There are tons of YouTube videos and online training that can help you learn how to edit your equine photography.

Learn some tricks and have some patience. Horses can dance about and can be difficult subjects to photograph sometimes. Bring some items that will help capture their attention! I was amazed at some of the items I mentioned in my own equine photo shoot. Try sparkly pom-poms, grain in a bucket, hay, treats, crinkling a plastic bag, etc. Items that would capture a horse’s attention and encourage them to perk their ears- even if it is only for a few seconds- it could make for the perfect photo! 

Practice is everything – learn from other photographers, expand your education and create beautiful photos! These are memories people will cherish for a lifetime. What a great side hustle to experience πŸ’™

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