Product Review: M-T-G Oil

MTG oil is a product I had unfortunately never heard of! My horse show friends told me about it and how they use it to grow their horse’s manes and tails- a post you can read about HERE.

My chestnut horse continually rubs his mane. I used MTG oil originally to help it grow back and was impressed by the results. It also helped him to stop itching because this oil has anti-fungal properties.

I am surprised by all the benefits this oil has! It is GREAT for hair growth but there are a few things you should know about MTG oil before you use it.

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  • It is known to help hair growth! People report seeing new growth with 3 to 5 days!
  • It helps fight fungal and bacterial skin issues like rain rot, scratches, and mud fever
  • It helps stop sweet itch and dandruff
  • It conditions the skin while fighting off skin issues


  • It is stinky! I use gloves to apply to the mane and tail
  • It can cause heat – don’t wrap tail or area that you have applied MTG oil
  • It increases sun sensitivity **IMPORTANT** If your horse is turned out all day, it is best to apply MTG in the evenings or when your horse is out of the sun.

Using MTG Oil

Use MTG oil sparingly. A little goes a long way! For mane and tail growth, apply to base of tail and mane and massage in. The bottle says apply once a week for hair growth. I usually do once or twice a week.

For skin applications it says to apply a little of the MTG oil to the infected area. Again, use sparingly to avoid dripping or runoff. Do not pick off the scabs as the skin heals- they will come off naturally. Once the skin has healed, you can apply a thin layer of MTG oil to the area that was infected before you turn your horse out in wet conditions. This can act as a barrier between the skin and the water which can help prevent rain rot, mud fever, etc.

I use MTG oil for hair growth for my horse. His tail has grown two inches and his mane is filling in nicely🙂 I will continue to purchase and use this product for his skin issues and hair growth! I’m so glad my horse friends told me about MTG!

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