3 Fear-Free Secrets to Gain Your Horse’s Trust

3 fear free secrets to gain your horse's trust and respect

Learn how to build a lasting connection with your horse.

If you are anything like me, you got into the horse lifestyle because you love them, love the time spent together, and love all the memories made. 

But, like any relationship, it’s important that it is joyful, based on trust and mutual connection — not a fight, a dread, worrisome, overwhelming, fear-based, or lacking trust. 

“Building a connection and trust-based bond with horses is the foundation to everything you want to do and achieve.” 

To build that foundation and gain your horse’s respect, in a fear-free way, focus on the big things first — the core elements that make your horse function. 

Only then can you step into that conversation and start to build a deep bond, mutual connection, and clear communication path th...

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3 Secrets For Better Communication With Your Horse

Want to learn my 3 secrets for better communication with your horse? Who doesn’t?!?

If you’re anything like…anybody… who only speaks one language, you’ve probably caught yourself thinking:

“What if they can’t understand me (LIKE AT ALL.) What on Earth do I do then?”

It’s so normal. In fact, just before landing in South Korea (vacation from home in the U.S.), that “what if they can’t understand me” factor was one of my biggest hang-ups and fears. It almost convinced me to cancel all our “adventure plans” before we started. Almost.

My message for you today isn’t complicated, (like to learn Korean), but that’s kinda the point: Even if you cannot speak the language, YOU CAN learn what I call a “Communication Code Book”.

Even if you cannot speak the language you can learn what I call a "communication code book"

We all have a preferred lang...

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