A Busy Equestrian’s Morning routine

How you spend your morning can have a large effect on the rest of the day. It’s been said by many experts that your morning habits can contribute to your productivity and satisfaction the rest of the day.

So how do you start your day taking care of yourself and your horse? Here is what I do every day.

When you are an equestrian, your morning routine can look a bit different than the average joe. Depending on your horse keeping situation, you may need to take care of your horses in the morning or prepare yourself for a trip to the barn later in the day.

While your day probably looks a bit different than mine, I wanted to share what my morning routine looks like. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, I do work from home almost every day so things have changed recently for my morning routine...

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Where to Start: Solving Horse Behavior Problems

Where to start…what do you do when your horse says “no” to a behavior or activity?

This little training is for you if…

You and your horse are not living the dreamy life right now…because you are struggling with an unwanted behavior, or a “problem”.

Maybe you can’t even halter your horse easily.

Maybe your horse tenses up and literally says “no” to being saddled or bridled.

Maybe they struggle to walk out of the barn and to the arena.

Or standing at the mounting block is a feat of it’s own.

Solving a behavior problem with your horse is a challenge, one key is to not compare yourself to others this will crush drams and start a negative cycle

Solving a behavior problem with your horse is a challenge, one key is to not compare yourself to others this will crush drams and start a negative cycle

What I want to offer you today is a way to demystify the process a bit.

How you can actually go about effectively building an amazing relationship ...

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Are You Listening to Your Horse?

how to communicate with your horse starts with being able to listen to what they have to say.

Your horse is continually communicating with you. 

But the real question is whether or not you are listening in on that conversation? 

Many of the ways a horse communicates with us is a subtle “whisper” so it can easily be missed if you aren’t paying close attention. They are quiet behaviors.

Behaviors that come before a “scream/shout” like flattened ears, a bite, pull back, turn and bolt, rear, etc.

So, how do you become a better listener to your horse?

I have 2 steps to start with…Plus some great questions to ask yourself to see if you are hearing the whispers.  

#1 Get on the horse’s time zone

I don’t know about you, but my life runs at a million miles an hour. It’s a wonderful reminder to slowwwww down and take a pause before we join our horses in their world.


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Winter Hay 101: How Much to Feed Your Horse (And Why)

Feeding your horse hay in the winter discover how much is enough and why

Wondering how to feed your horse in the winter?

Another summer has come and gone in the blink of an eye. As winter approaches, we shift gears a little in our daily routines to make the cooler days a bit more tolerable. Can I get a “yay” for headbands, fuzzy socks, and pumpkin spice lattes? 

But what about winterizing our horses?

If you are anything like me, few things cause me as much stress and uncertainty as trying to keep my horse happy and healthy year-round. This is especially true when it comes to decoding nutritional needs for my specific horses. 

In my early years of horse ownership, I did a LOT of research on allllll the things I needed to do before the temperatures dropped. If there’s ONE thing I wish I would have realized made the greatest impact…it’d be hay!

Why Ha...

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3 Fear-Free Secrets to Gain Your Horse’s Trust

3 fear free secrets to gain your horse's trust and respect

Learn how to build a lasting connection with your horse.

If you are anything like me, you got into the horse lifestyle because you love them, love the time spent together, and love all the memories made. 

But, like any relationship, it’s important that it is joyful, based on trust and mutual connection — not a fight, a dread, worrisome, overwhelming, fear-based, or lacking trust. 

“Building a connection and trust-based bond with horses is the foundation to everything you want to do and achieve.” 

To build that foundation and gain your horse’s respect, in a fear-free way, focus on the big things first — the core elements that make your horse function. 

Only then can you step into that conversation and start to build a deep bond, mutual connection, and clear communication path th...

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3 Secrets For Better Communication With Your Horse

Want to learn my 3 secrets for better communication with your horse? Who doesn’t?!?

If you’re anything like…anybody… who only speaks one language, you’ve probably caught yourself thinking:

“What if they can’t understand me (LIKE AT ALL.) What on Earth do I do then?”

It’s so normal. In fact, just before landing in South Korea (vacation from home in the U.S.), that “what if they can’t understand me” factor was one of my biggest hang-ups and fears. It almost convinced me to cancel all our “adventure plans” before we started. Almost.

My message for you today isn’t complicated, (like to learn Korean), but that’s kinda the point: Even if you cannot speak the language, YOU CAN learn what I call a “Communication Code Book”.

Even if you cannot speak the language you can learn what I call a "communication code book"

We all have a preferred lang...

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