How to Build a Dutch Stall Door – Cheap DIY Stall Door

Do you need a cheap, but beautiful stall door for your horse? This is a great tutorial for how to DIY a dutch horse stall door.

How to build a dutch stall door

To build a dutch horse stall door for cheap, you may find lots of tutorials online, that range from pretty helpful, to not helpful at all, to wanting you to purchase their building plans. We read all the tutorials online and still weren’t quite sure how these were going to go together.

Here is what we made at the end (this is a real-life unflattering photo of my ponies), with their new beautiful DIY stall doors.

DIY Dutch Stall Doors

I am a jump in and see if we do it right kind of person, while my husband is very methodical and calculated in how he does things so this took a bit of compromise for both of us to pick a plan and go with it...

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8 Ways To Improve Your Horsemanship From Home

Okay, so this one might sound a bit weird but hang in there with me. I understand eating sustainable, animal-friendly, healthy whole foods can be tough especially with limited access to the grocery store but with a little bit of planning, you can create some pretty amazing dishes that can sharpen your mind and fuel your body while being kinder to the earth and the animals on it. Keep it simple, create one thoughtful meal each day that includes a beautiful array of colorful fruits and veggies. When you sit down to eat let yourself be filled with gratitude for your horse and the amazing planet we live on. If you need further meal ideas I would check out Forks Over Knives, Oh She Glows, or The Happy Pear for beautiful tasty recipes.

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Sun Protection for Horses and Riders

Whether you live somewhere sunny year round, or just spend the summer month roasting in the sun, sun protection should be a priority. We know that sun exposure can lead to skin cancer, so you should try to prevent unnecessary sun exposure.

As equestrians, we spend a lot of time outside. And while that is great for our mental well being, it can be harmful to your skin to stay in the sun all day long. Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by age 70? If you could prevent yourself from being part of that statistic, wouldn’t you? (Source:

Sun Protection for Horses and Horseback Riders

While horses don’t tend to get skin cancer at the same rate as humans do, it still can occur in horses. Additionally, there could be other reasons you need to protect your horse from the sun...

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Dreamy Golden Hour Horse Photo Shoot

Another week, another fantastic photo shoot! I’m addicted – can’t stop shooting!

This is Grace, who I’ve been shooting with for a while now. She was actually my very first model since I started portrait photography, so we’ve been working together for a few months now. Thankfully, I’ve been getting better since our first session, and working with Grace now is like working with a pro. 

Since I’m interested in photographing equestrians with their horses, I asked Grace, not a horse person, if she could model with my horses. We did this once before with Vintage, but I’m always going to keep trying for more! 

Into the field we went, which is what I do most of the time to photograph my horses, but it’s a bit different from when I’m setting up a shot, and then running arou...

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The Welsh Pony & Cob

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Whether you are a dressage rider, an eventer, a little girl dreaming of a blue ribbon at Pony Finals or a just plain ole horse lover, chances are you have come across a Welsh pony or two. As one of the most well-known and reliable pony breeds out there, there are Welsh ponies occupying all sorts of different jobs across the United States, and all around the world.

Welsh Pony

While you read about these ponies and cob-type horses, think about all the advancements in breeding and culture that had to have taken place over the decades to give us the versatile and kind-hearted Welsh ponies we have today.

The Beginning – How the Welsh Pony Came to Be

The Welsh pony started out in Wales, a country in the southern half of the United Kingdom. The earliest traces of the Welsh pony come ...

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Get Stacked by Caracol

Shakespearean Quote Bracelet by Caracol

Real talk right here. Sometimes when I am shopping I get overwhelmed by the number of choices and then choose… nothing. When I first saw the Caracol website, specifically the “Equestrian” section, I had no idea where to start my selection. There was just so many beautiful jewelry items- rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces. Sterling silver, gold, leather. Where do I start?! In fact, I ended up just telling them to choose for me! When the “Horse Glam Stack” arrived and I put the 3 bracelets on my arm, I have never been so pleasantly surprised!

The first bracelet I unwrapped was the Shakespearean Quote bracelet...

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Welcoming Our Insightful New Addition

Everett was born on August 5th at 3am weighing 7 pounds and measuring 21 inches long. The timing of his birth fell right at the end of the Sturgeon Full Moon. According to The Old Farmers Almanac “Babies born a day after the full Moon enjoy success and endurance.”  

He already fits right in with the rest of the Insightful crew around here. Several months ago I knew I was going to go into labor on the 4th (I even put money on it in my baby pool). Then at the end of July my Aunt Sarah checked in with me on Facebook to see how things were looking for the baby arriving July 29th (the day she was banking on), he wasn’t ready yet but let me know he’d be coming in the early hours on morning of the 5th. 

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myMareCo just got cooler.

Quick Dry Hat in Black

I know some of you smarty pants are already keeping your heads cool while riding thanks to myMareCo’s moisture wicking headbands. If you don’t know, now you know (click here). Now hook yourself up pre and post rides with myMareCo’s newest product launch: the quick dry baseball hat. Made out of polyester microfiber, with a fully mesh lined interior that helps circulate air flow and allows your head to “breathe”, this hat will dry quickly, rain or sweat. This is perfect timing for the still hot September weeks ahead, as well as the daily thunderstorms that inevitably accompany those hot days. Another feature that deserves a mention is how easily the hats can fold up for storage in your handbag or tack trunk...

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The Five Elements & Your Horse Part 5 – Earth


The Earth Element expresses itself in the physical body through the organ systems of the Spleen (including the pancreas) and the Stomach. As you may recall from the previous blog posts, in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) these associated organ systems represent a holistic network that includes the organs, along with channels for delivering Qi, broader functions, attributes and energetics. It is a very different way of seeing the functions of organs than the way western allopathic medicine identifies, understands and works with a more narrow, mechanical view of organs. In Chinese Medicine the Spleen and Stomach, as a team, provide nourishment and fuel to our body and all the various systems of the body. 

When the Earth Element organs (Spleen and Stomach) are healthy and in...

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Baby’s First Pony Ride

It seems like just days ago she was born, and now she’s hit another milestone – her first pony ride!!! She’s been born in another way: introduced to the wonder of riding. 

Naturally, she has already been around horses, since she lives on a horse farm, but I have never let her on on. To be blunt, I do not trust my horses with something so precious as my sweet little daughter. 

So, although I do have my own Pony, I took her to Jennifer Lee Jumpers. She has an absolutely adorable little leadline pony named Sydney. I really wanted Bridgette to be completely safe for her first experience and Sydney was a perfect little lady for Bridgette to climb on and be led around. 

I don’t have many photos of her on the pony because leading a toddler around on a pony is a two man job...

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The Brief – July 24, 2020

It’s been a while since the last check in! Boy, does time fly!

My toddler is now a super active toddler, and she’s a lot to keep up with. At least she understands most of what I say. Sometimes, she even listens! 

Actually, it’s pretty funny when Dave and I are talking about something, and she suddenly goes to retrieve or interact with the item we are talking about. She definitely understands a lot now. 

Not a great talker though. She’s still mostly into guttural noises and garbling, except her two favorite words: ball and doggie. She uses these words to describe nearly everything. Every toy is a ball, and everything alive is a doggie. She has a few more in her vocabulary, like car and tornado, but these are only for special occasions...

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Blake Goods delivers.

Blake Goods Belt; PC Shannen Smyth Photography

Equestrians know a thing or two about leather goods. We outfit our horses in expensive leather tack and equipment. We ride in leather gloves, chaps and boots. We have high expectations when it comes to leather quality and durability, and equally high expectations when it comes to its aesthetics. When Jessie Lochrie founded Blake Goods, she knew exactly the sort of equestrian-inspired leather belt she wanted to bring to both the mainstream and equestrian markets. A crucial component of bringing her vision to life is key business partnerships...

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